Every Time You Say YES To Something You Don’t Want, You Are Saying NO To Yourself!…

Every Time You Say YES To Something You Don’t Want, You Are Saying NO To Yourself!

I read this somewhere and a light went off in my head! Ding! Ding! Ding!

I used to make decisions on behalf of how I thought other people would feel, and also make it seem like I had it all together when I didn’t. I specifically remember paying for yoga every month and it was just more than I could afford. I told my instructor I wasn’t going to renew and seeing the disappointment on her face and her asking me why and isn’t it important to me, ugh, stress city. I could not afford it and its importance was lessening in my life as I was working more and more hours and just doing other activities. I told her I would think about it, but left the studio feeling like a loser and contemplating if I should do it or not. It literally meant I wouldn’t’ be able to buy groceries, but I didn’t want to disappoint her or make it look like I was irresponsible with money. Thank goodness I read this saying before I had made my decision, can’t remember the origin, but it has changed my life. I realized I was betraying myself with every simple yes to something that didn’t actually suit me. I just told her no, I realized I didn’t have to explain every detail why, and as silly as it sounds this small “no” empowered me.

I changed, and it was freedom. Freedom to say “no, maybe next time” to invites that I just couldn’t make. “Nah, thank you though” to dinner parties I didn’t care to go to. My goodness, the power of no! “Nope, I’m not going that way” to picking up things from the store on the way to my parents’ house all the time. Oh the freedom to do what I wanted, I reveled in that, after so many years of not allowing myself to be free.

I might have been a harder case than most with my people pleaser background, finally dispelling, but in any case, if you have a little bit of “yes” when you really can’t going on, please feel the freedom in saying YES to yourself by bolding saying “NO” to what is not serving you.

NO THANK YOU MA’AM! Ha! So simple, took me years and years to master!


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Amanda Stovall

Hello my name is Amanda and I teach healing through arts classes and writing courses. I am a lover of…

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