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This immersion is for yoga teachers and yoga adventurers who are interested in the interconnections of yoga and dance. This Yoga Trance Dance® intensive provides the basic tools to explore the foundation of Yoga Trance Dance®. This course is for Yogis that would like to enrich their personal practice and for Yogis on the teaching path that are interested in teaching Yoga Trance Dance.

To deepen your connection to the energetic intelligence that guides evolution from within as a natural path to freedom. In this module we explore the practical applications of the Tantric system, the subtle energetic body and nadi flows for liberating the path or Yoga. With a dynamic approach to energetic Vinyasa Yoga, movement and healing that integrates mandala (circular) Namaskars, Sahaja (spontaneous movement), and ways to combine circular, wave motion with strength and stability that are healing for all ages, all backgrounds, athletes, men and women alike.



Yoga Teacher Trainings


789 The Pocket Road
The Pocket,NSW2483Australia


5 Day(s)


Wybalena Organic Farm


Reg. $1,555







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What makes this event special...

In this module we experience:
Movement meditations, body-vinyasas and Prana Flow® – Energetic Vinyasa sequences to cultivate fluidity, creativity, longevity and rejuvenation for all levels and all body types of students.
Learn Mandala Namaskars (circular sun salutation) and mandala sequencing for embodying circular consciousness in a grid world.
Shiva’s integration of sahaja flow within Yoga asanas to experience the spontaneous guidance of authentic movement.
Fluid approaches to teaching beginners and releasing stiffness of body, mind and culture
Integration of mantra, chanting and music within asana to release the vibratory song of the body
The physiology and physics of the “Fluid-Quantum Body” and the powerful synergy between water and vibration for circulation and transformation of modern-day stress.
Tools to guide a high-energy movement meditation to liberate your creative life-force in a ”dancing universe” of continuous vibration, which connects us with the intrinsic flow of our life force and Nataraja.

About the host

Delamay Devi

A yogini, dancer, foodie, mentor, creatrix of Devi Designs and a lover of summer! Born and raised in Byron Bay, Dela¬may divides her time between Aus¬tralia, Europe and Asia, and offering workshops, training and retreats in many beau¬ti¬ful parts of the world. She is well known internationally for her embodied offerings that are fueled by inspiration and infectious enthusiasm.

Delamay is honoured to be a Prana Vinyasa affiliate yoga teacher trainer and to assist Shiva Rea for the past decade.

She is passionate about sharing movement as medicine and yoga philosophy in sync with the natural cycles of existence.

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