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Yoga Meditation Philosophy Course – Meditation in India

Whether you are a neophyte in the spiritual world or you want to go deeper in your meditation or spiritual journey, attending our Philosophy course on Shrimad Bhagavad Geeta is an ideal way to deepen your understanding of Yoga and Meditation. Explore the meditation philosophy at Real Happiness Meditation School in Rishikesh with a sublime panoramic view of the temples, lush green hills and the sanctified river Ganges.

This 9 Day Bhagavad Gita Philosophy Program helps you to understand the practical approach behind every circumstance of life, enables you to find inner peace, let go of negativity and stress, build self-confidence, develop a more positive state of mind, and dive into the spiritual path. The course gives a detailed understanding of the fundamental ideas on which meditation practice is based and the ways in which it has developed over the millennia.

Course Highlights:
*700 Shlokas of Geeta Deep Study
*Taxi Pick-Up and Drop-Off from Airport
*Accommodation in Yoga Resort
*All Yogic Meals
*Study Material Included
*Rishikesh Local Sightseeing Tour

Get more detailed information about the course: https://realhappiness.org/meditation-philosophy-course.php

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What makes this event special...


The Srimad Bhagavad Gita is one of the most popular scriptures which fits in humans all situations in life. This is a situational quotation and conversation between Lord Krishna and Warrior Arjuna in the war of Mahabharata in the Dvapara Yuga. The Geeta is the answer to all questions which we face in our normal life.

About the host

Real Happiness

Real Happiness is a Vedic Meditation School in Rishikesh, India offers Beginners Meditation Course, 150 Hours Meditation Teacher Training and Advance Meditation Training focused on Vedic Ancient Traditional Meditation, Vipassana Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Transcendental Meditation (TM) and Kundalini Chakras Meditation. Focused on self-help, self-realization, and self-healing, we organize the well-scheduled meditation programs for beginners, for who want to teach others and for who want self-development. The programs are for self-peace, wellness and our Ashram is far from hectic places in beautiful nature.

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