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Yoga For Cardiovascular Health And Cardiac Rehabilitation

Yogacampus Finsbury Park

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This comprehensive professional five-day training is an in depth exploration of Yoga’s ability to heal our heart and will prepare students to deliver mind-body based interventions such as yoga, movement therapy, mindfulness and meditation to people with cardiovascular disease and in cardiac rehabilitation.

The potential benefits of Yoga as an adjunct therapy for cardiovascular disease has been recognized by important organizations, such as American Heart Association, European Society of Cardiology, Harvard Medical School, the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology and even the NHS. Likewise, yoga can be a fantastic addition to medically supervised cardiac rehabilitation programmes and should be seen as an important practice to strengthen the heart muscle and alleviate stress.

Course Overview

Yoga & Philosophical Contents
The heart is an incredibly powerful and intelligent organ. Its abilities and strength have been admired by many different cultures since ancient times across the globe. However, modern medicine has influenced the way the heart is seen and understood leading to a simplistic meaning of just a mechanical pump. Yoga philosophy understands the heart as the source of emotions, the seat of our inner light and the house of our true self.

• Yoga and The Heart: Yogic view of Anahata
• Our role as teachers, therapists and health professionals
• The energetic Heart: Understanding heart coherence
• Setting up a session: Designing a class safely and effectively using the 8 stages of RhythmiaBreath Method
• Experiential anatomy and movement therapy
• The heart chakras: Using compassion in both teaching and practice
• Asana and Pranayama (poses and breathing exercises): Cautions and Contraindications
• Guidance for teachers on how to support students in understanding the positive balance of their yoga practice and their medical care.
• The Five Bodies Model (Koshas): Key structure for a relaxation practice
• Group Practice
• Broken Heart Syndrome: More than a medical condition. Listening to our emotions

Medical Content

• Embryology: The heart, our first functional organ
• Modern Medicine vs Old Traditions
• Common medical conditions: palpitations, atrial fibrillation, heart failure, myocardial infarction, arrhythmias, ICD and pacemakers
• Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors. Statistics in the UK – British Heart Foundation
• Understanding the most common medical test.
• Assessment of your student/ client / patient prior a Cardiac Yoga session
• The role of stress in cardiovascular disease and Cardiac Rehabilitation
• The psychological and emotional impact of Heart Disease: depression, anxiety, fear and phobias.
• The electromagnetic field of the Heart
• Neurocardiology: a fascinating new area bonding Heart and Brain
• Research studies and scientific evidence proving Yoga as a safe and effective intervention for heart disease
• Anger, emotions and arrhythmias: from brain to heart

Course Work Details:

• Pre-reading of Cardiovascular and Respiratory System
• Group practice: Designing and teaching a session
• Written reflective homework
• Home practice (during the 5 days training course)

After the course:

• Ongoing teaching support from Sherezade Ruano + Teaching group support.
• Become part of the first UK network of teachers specialized in Yoga for Cardiovascular conditions, Cardiac Rehabilitation and Heart health by RhythmiaBreath Programme and Method
• Priority participating in new UK Research Studies merging Yoga and Cardiovascular Conditions
• Upgrade your skills as teachers, therapists or health professionals and become confident delivering interventions for high-risk groups


• This training course is open to all Yoga teachers, Yoga therapists and trainees in both degrees.
• It is also suitable for health professionals who would like to expand their knowledge by using yoga, meditation, and stress-relieving practices in their work environment -clinical or hospital settings.
• Those health professionals interested in this training course should have a personal yoga practice / yoga knowledge or currently been practicing yoga.
• This training course is suitable for those working within the NHS and / or private sector to increase the awareness of the importance of complementary techniques to help cardiac patients through a difficult journey or recovery.
• This course is also suitable for those affected by or recovering from (cardiac rehabilitation) cardiovascular disease that would like to know more about their condition, as well as the many possibilities they have to manage their own health through Yoga.


Students will have the option to attend 2 days (weekend only: Saturday and Sunday) and receive a certificate of attendance or complete the full 5-Days professional training accredited by Yoga Alliance.


YACEP – Yoga Alliance 2018
Yogacampus Certificate of attendance





7 Thane Works, Thane Villas, London, N7 7NU
London,United Kingdom


5 Day(s)


Yogacampus Finsbury Park


Reg. $600







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What makes this event special...

This is the First intake of an International Teacher Training in the UK in Yoga for Cardiac Health and Cardiac Rehabilitation.
A unique opportunity to be qualified and learn how to deal with those affected by cardiovascular disease and its risk factors.
Created with the support of Consultant Cardiologists, therapists, nurses, with real case scenarios and testimonials from real patients that have successfully recovered using this program.

About the host

Sherezade Ruano

    Sherezade Ruano is the Founder of TheBreathingPractice programme and Rhythmia Breath Method. A Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) in arrhythmias and a yoga therapists specialized in cardiovascular disease, cancer, and Stress and Anxiety.

    She holds a MSc in Cardiac Nursing and has extensive experience in the Research Field. Currently works with highly renowned medical professionals in areas such as interventional cardiology, nuclear medicine, and electrophysiology. Fruit of her research work, she has been co-author in several studies in preventive medicine and cardiovascular research. Sherezade also works closely with high standard organisations such as The British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Arrhythmia Alliance.

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