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Delhi’s population boasts of living a comfortable life in the most opulent zone of the country- the capital. In the backdrop of this plush living, are hidden its detrimental effects as our physical movement has been restricted and the work pressure affects the mind and body in a serious way. Aum Yoga Shala Yoga studio in Delhi organizes Yoga classes with the primary intention of helping you get onto the road to rejuvenation and restoration. Make your life free from the damages of the usual hiccups that prevent personal growth with Yoga classes in North Delhi.

Event Description:

Yoga classes by Aum Yoga Shala are organized in North Delhi to make sure no citizen of the capital city has to feel depleted during the course of personal as well as professional life. The ambiance of our Yoga studio in Delhi with complete serenity and people with similar goals lets you relish the moments with immense satisfaction and jollity.

Event Highlights:

• The primary goal of the training would be on bringing peace to the mind and restoration to the body.
• The beginning of the classes will happen with the chanting of the AUM Mantra.
• Introduction to the basic knowledge of Yoga and the meaning of Yoga in the modern life.
• Knowledge of the Yoga poses such as Trikonasana, Tadasana, Balasana, Dandasana, etc.
• Along with the benefits of these poses, know how to practice them in ideal manners.
• Huge emphasis on the Yoga of breathing to improve the working of whole body parts by purifying the blood and intaking pure air.
• The art of keeping the body and mind away from various diseases.
• Improvement in the body postures with correct asana practice under proper guidance.
• Do not feel the pressure of heavy workload in the office by practicing Meditation- the mental exercise for peace and attentiveness.
• Learning the way of Ayurvedic living based on the sattvic lifestyle.
• Philosophies of a healthy routine according to the principles of Yoga and Ayurveda.
• Health benefits of each asana in detail to use them in case of any disorder.
• Learn how to use Yoga even during the short span of time in the office.
• Yogic awareness of its utilization in improving one’s decision-making skills.

Location: DLF Phase 5
D – 14/1 Exclusive Floor
Near Lancer School and DLF 5 Club
Sector 53, Gurgaon 122009

For more information about our courses, kindly visit our website: https://www.aumyogashala.com/

About Aum Yoga Shala: Aum Yoga Shala is a leading center of Yoga training in Delhi NCR. Following the idea of complete health, the Yoga Shala aims to help people achieve their fitness goals through yoga and spirituality. The team of erudite yogis believes hugely in AUM and trains the aspirants to become integrated Yoga practitioners with the power of mantras. A number of Yoga sessions that offer Delhi citizens time to enjoy Yoga according to their timing choices are organized by Aum Yoga Shala. Apart from the Daily classes, Yoga retreats, therapy courses, etc., are also offered by the Yoga studio.





DLF Phase 5 D – 14/1 Exclusive Floor, Near Lancer School and DLF 5 Club Sector 53


312 Day(s)




Reg. $58







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About the host

Devender kumar

AumYogashala studio offers Daily Yoga Classes, Corporate Classes, Therepy & Retreats in gurgaon.Yoga increased flexibility,increased muscle strength and tone & Improved respiration, energy and vitality.

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