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“Yoga is not just about asana. The physical practice is a gateway for many people to find deeper meaning in their life.

We honor the practice of asana while also opening our students up to Yoga beyond the mat. Anuttara is for those who are craving something deeper and more authentic.”

Aarti, Co-founder, and Facilitator of Anuttara Yoga

Why Choose Anuttara Yoga?

– Professional and experienced facilitators
– Learn spiritual psychology
– Trainings are carried out in harmony with nature
– Honors yogic tradition (while preparing you to teach in a modern world)
– Students graduate ready to teach
– Study in a light-hearted and humorous atmosphere
– Discover yoga through music and dance
– Freedom to find your yoga (not somebody else’s)

What is Anuttara Yoga?

This isn’t simply a certification but an investment in a transformative process.

Anuttara Yoga trainings provide the opportunity to reconnect with something deep inside of yourself that you’ve long forgotten but that never left.

Learn tools that keep you connected to your fullest potential and establish you in a lasting spiritual practice which you can share!

Anuttara Yoga has been designed as a gateway into the spiritual science of yoga. This particular training honors ancient traditions while preparing our teachers to teach in a modern world.

Our trainings focus on the heart, the witness consciousness and our higher selves encouraging all participants to not just learn through theory but through personal and transcendental experience.

We help to harmonize body, mind, and spirit into pure being.

This course is open to both those looking to become certified teachers and also to those who are simply looking to break free from their personal illusions.



Yoga Teacher Trainings


Near Jumpin Heights Mohanchatti
Rishikesh, Uttarakhand India


24 Day(s)


Nirvana River Resort


Reg. $3,250 Early Bird $2999







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What makes this event special...

This is a special opportunity to truly understand yoga for what it really is, as this training goes beyond the physical postures and into a deeper self-wisdom.

A delicate blending of ancient tradition and modern understandings, this training incorporates many different styles, practices, and aspects of yoga while establishing a firm foundation in the simple truth of unity.

The groups are kept small to make sure that each individual student is getting all of the necessary attention to succeed in this course.

The courses are lead directly by the founders of the teacher training and involve an amazing personal transformation.

About the host

Anuttara Ashram

    Anuttara offers the opportunity to internalize truth into daily life through spiritual study and retreat.

    Anuttara Ashram is a yoga school and spiritual retreat centre and home to seekers of truth.

    We provide Yoga Teacher Trainings , Yoga Retreats and the opportunity to Live in a Yogic Community.

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