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We are so excited to invite you to our Winter Yoga Retreat with Hayley Ebersole. Every year, we fall in love with Sierra Hot Springs and can’t wait to share this magical place with you in the wintertime. With the fireplace crackling, cat curled up on the couch and fellow guests cozy reading on the couches, the sense of retreat is real. Hayley will warm us up with daily yoga classes that invite us to deepen our practice and offer ourselves compassion, curiosity and playfulness. Off the mat, time the wood fire stove and the hot springs will continue to heat our bodies and rejuvenate our souls.

What makes this event special...

A truly serene environment to relax, be nourished and practice with an incredible teacher.

4 Yoga Classes with Hayley
Delicious, Abundant Meals
Accommodation of Your Choosing
Use of Hot Springs and Facilities

About the host


Each Yogascapes retreat is handcrafted from the ground up to offer you a yoga retreat like no other. Our small team of wellness experts combine today’s most vibrant and influencial yoga and wellness teachers with in-tune guides, local culture, incredible food, inspiring adventure and a crew of similar minded fun-loving people from around the world. Best of all, the adventure always goes down at one of our hand picked, off-the-beaten path destinations amidst breathtaking natural beauty.

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