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You know that what you eat is one of the biggest factors in your overall wellbeing, and that eating more fruits and vegetables is good for you. However, changing how you eat is not easy! If you’ve tried making changes to your diet on your own, you know what I mean.

Food is an incredibly personal and intimate part of who we are. What we eat is wrapped up in our culture, social relationships, and upbringing. Because of this, our habits around food can be the most difficult to change.

In this Group Program, Whole Foods for Whole Health, we’ll support each other in incorporating more whole, plant-based foods. Designed to meet you where you are, this program will help you create a healthy lifestyle that gives you more energy and helps you feel better in your body.

With every bite, you can improve your life.

What makes this event special...

One of the biggest indicators of health is our community. I decided to make this particular topic the focus of a group coaching program since community helps to build systems, transforming words to actions, and actions to habits.

Group Program Includes:
– 60-minute group session every week via Zoom for four weeks
– Coaching and support to help you incorporate more whole, plant-based foods into your diet
– Simple, informative handouts
– Weekly newsletter
– Private Facebook Group to engage with fellow participants and ask questions

Sessions will be held on:
Fridays at 12 PM Mountain Time September 30 to October 21*
or Tuesdays at 6:30 PM Mountain Time October 4 to October 25*

*It’s best if you attend on the same day each week, but if you need to switch groups for a week, please let me know. If you miss a session, you’ll have access to the recording for up to 2-weeks after the conclusion of the group program.

This group program will run as long as we have at least four participants, and is capped at 12 people.

About the host

Carrie Lehtonen

My second chance at life came at 31 years old when a blood clot in my coronary artery resulted in heart attack. I chose to pursue a second career in health and wellness to help people find their path to better health.

I started Firefly Community LLC because I believe that what the world needs most is for each person to uncover their passion and live an inspired life. We all have a unique gift, and it’s my mission to help you ignite your inner light so that you can shine!

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