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What’s Holding You Back From The Life You Want? Workshop

Hosted in private home

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Are you living the life that your heart dreams of?

Deep inside, you know that you are meant to be doing more with your life. And yet, something keeps holding you back. Through my work with countless clients, I’ve discovered that there are several ways that we hold ourselves back. These ways can be so deeply ingrained in our being that we might not even realize that we are sabotaging our efforts and our lives.

Isn’t it time to start living the life you want for yourself?

Take your first step to living the life that you dream of…the one that is in your heart. Join Jennifer Monahan on December 15. During this hands-on workshop you’ll:

– Learn the key ways that we hold ourselves back from doing what we want with our lives
– Discover how you are preventing yourself from truly living your life
– Identify how this has impacted your life to date
– Gain tools and exercises to help you move forward with confidence, clarity and courage

What makes this event special...

The workshop is purposely kept to a small number of attendees to ensure that each participant is able to dig deeper into each area to understand how they personally are holding themselves back…and the steps they can take to break through those barriers. Plus each participant will receive a signed copy of the six-time award winning book, “This Trip Will Change Your Life: A Shaman’s Story of Spirit Evolution,” and a downloadable guided meditation to help with life decisions.

About the host

Jennifer Monahan

Jennifer Monahan’s courageously authentic life journey began years ago, but really took off in 2013. On the spur of the moment, she decided to go to Yucatan, Mexico for a vacation. On her third day there, she met a Mayan shaman who conducted a four-hour shamanic healing on her…and on her last day there he told her that she was to become a shaman.

Since then, she has completely reinvented her life. Today she helps other people define and live their courageously authentic lives through shamanic and coaching sessions, webinars, online training, retreats, her books, blogs, and weekly radio show.

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