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In the modern world, we often lead busy, compartmentalized lives, in which it is common to lose touch with our sense of deeper meaning, purpose, and connection. UNIFY provides an opportunity to slow back down and reconnect both within yourself and with the world around you. In this weeklong retreat, you will practice and live yoga daily in the beautiful landscape of Costa Rica.

Each morning will begin with an energizing, detoxifying, and stimulating yoga class. Each evening session will be designed for relaxation, slowing down, and unwinding.

Blue Spirit, the top-rated Yoga Escape of 2017, is an ideal location for relaxation, transformation, and growth.

About the host

Kaity Rose

    Kaity Rose is a certified Yoga Therapist and Ayurvedic Yoga Instructor based in Boulder, Colorado. Her style of teaching calls students deeper into self-acceptance and inner-knowing.
    Kaity guides students in deepening their connection with body, mind, nature, and life-force. She integrates nature connection, meditation, breathwork, functional movement, life-coaching, and meaningful ceremony into her offerings.
    Kaity offers global yoga retreats, teacher trainings, and online Yoga Therapy sessions in addition to her workshops and classes. She specializes in trauma-informed yoga therapy, yoga for stress resiliency and anxiety, and functional movement therapy.

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