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Understanding And Working With Moon Energy To Empower Your Life

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This class will begin January 2019 on the full moon! We will jump start the class with releasing and lead up to you setting clear intentions to help empower your life.

Moon Energy is extremely potent in controlling our emotions and way of thinking. Just as the moon can influence the tides of the oceans, the energy can influence and shift human behavior as well. The purpose of this class is to increase your self awareness and learn how to be more in tune with what’s moving around you.

Class comes with:
Moon bundles for new and full moon
Crystal bundle to use during class
and other course materials

You will receive a certificate of completion after Course

What makes this event special...

Understanding how the moon works with us on a physical, emotional and spiritual level can be deeply healing and empowering for an individual. This class will help bring all those aspects together. Ive always worked with moon energy as well as taught others including my children to do so. Its been beneficial and life changing. My goal is to help others achieve the same success with the class.

About the host

Shonda Broom

Hello I am Shonda! I am the founder of Coram Deo Holistic Center, a nonprofit holistic center based in Louisiana. I have a nonprofit HIV Awareness movement called #KnowUrStatus encouraging HIV testing. I am a Holistic Health Practitioner, Herbalist, LOA Practitioner, Chakrologist & Crystal Therapist. I specialize in emotional/energetic healing, natural health, spiritual guidance and helping individuals reach their full potential. I teach a variety of online classes in herbalism, spirituality and other esoteric/occult education. I’m a Holistic Cannabis Nurse and creator of the first Holistic Cannabis Consultant course.

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