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The energies of change are quickening. Do you feel it? Are you ready to receive them? And to align with them for your next step?

If you have your foot on the brake, you will feel pushed by change. Or, you can activate the process of transformation by receiving the Turaya initiations that will align you with your birthright: to feel love and to be loved.

The most powerful force in the Universe is Love. The vibration of unconditional love is received in the body as a frequency of light energy that is aligned with Truth. This is the energy of Turaya. Beyond simply feeling better, Turaya Touch© brings you to a new level of consciousness and self-love.

This training is for you if you work with others in any capacity (coach, healer, teacher, etc.), are a parent, or are looking for something that will support you in bringing a bigger expression of yourself into the world.

What makes this event special...

You will experience:
Energy initiations that will open your heart
Activation of dormant energy systems
Learn how to give Turaya Touch© to yourself and to others
Give and receive Turaya Touch©
Immersion in the fundamentals of Inner Law
A strong foundation for living daily life aligned with your inner guidance.

About the host

Laurie Seymour

    Mentor/Guide and International #1 Bestselling author, US-based Laurie Seymour, M.A., has dedicated her life to showing you how to reliably connect with your energetic inner wisdom, dissolving self-doubt. Because once you have this inner connection firmly anchored, you’ll have the confidence and direction to manifest your big-picture vision. After leaving her career as a psychotherapist, Laurie founded The Baca Journey to honor the 25 years of inner research she and a small group of intrepid explorers, exploring human potential through receiving new energy systems.

    As Turaya Grand Master, Laurie teaches Turaya Touch and Turaya Meditation online and around the world.

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