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The Renewal: A Weeklong Yoga & Culture Retreat In Portugal With Corc Yoga

Tivoli Évora Ecoresort

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The Corc Yoga journey first began in the cork region of Portugal where founder Christine Moghadam was inspired not only by the hospitality of local residents, but also the potential eco-consciousness of the material. Now Corc is returning to its roots with its first annual Portugal retreat June 27 – July 3, 2020.

Pack your bags and embark on a seven-day spiritual journey, where new friends, experiences, and wellness await. The daily itinerary includes yoga, sound baths, and guided meditation led by industry experts. Guests will sample local cuisine as well as undergo an immersive wine tasting experience led by a local sommelier. Yoga-lovers, leave your mats at home, as each participant will receive a brand-new Corc mat to use throughout the duration of the trip.

After the day’s activities, guests will get their much-needed rest at Tivoli Évora Ecoresort, a 4-star luxury resort tucked away in the city of Évora, a historic World-Heritage City just 45 minutes outside of Lisbon. Born on the Alentejo landscape and built on strong environmental values, this hotel seamlessly integrates sustainability with Corc Yoga’s core values. Guests also have the unique opportunity to go corktrekking in the surrounding cork forest, learning more about the heritage of this eco-friendly material as told by local cork farm owners and experts.

Early bird pricing, single occupancy reservations for the retreat are $4,950 and Double Occupancy reservations are $3,500. Guests may reserve a spot on via Conscious City Guide with a $500 deposit. Those interested in participating may learn more here: https://corcyoga.com/pages/corc-yoga-retreat.

For more information on Corc Yoga and The Renewal retreat, please contact us at retreat@corcyoga.com





Quinta da Deserta e Malina, 7000-804 Évora, Portugal
Evora, Portugal


7 Day(s)


Tivoli Évora Ecoresort


Reg. $3,500





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What makes this event special...

If you’re looking for a pressure-free environment and are ready to experience the ultimate freedom then join us for a once in a lifetime cultural & wellness retreat where you will come away nourished, refreshed and restored.

About the host

Christine Moghadam

While traveling abroad in the cork region of Portugal, founder Christine Moghadam also known as The Traveling Mom, was inspired to create Corc Yoga. Impressed not only by the hospitality of local residents, but also the inherent eco-consciousness of the cork material, Christine built a brand rooted in the cork farmers’ commitment to sustainable and ethical business practices. With community as the heartbeat of Corc Yoga, Christine had the vision to expand beyond the yoga mat by cultivating an experience centered around Corc Yoga’s core values, people, planet and purpose.

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