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Within us lives all of the knowledge, wisdom and guidance that we need. All we need to do is unlock that inner power and learn how to navigate our lives from a deeper, more Spiritually connected place.
In this 16 week class, Christine introduces you to the Power of You through exploration of spiritual concepts and by teaching you Energy Work Tools.

Christine will teach you her core Awaken Method tool set and then for the remainder of the classes, she will build on that tool set helping you to explore your own Spiritual growth and journey.

16 live classes via Zoom online meeting.

Deep dive experiential work in each class

You’ll leave the program with a daily practice and a basket of energy tools to help support you in learning, healing and growing in every aspect of your life.

Learn Countless Energy Tools to Support Your Healing

Meet Spirit Guides and Helpers and Learn the Key to Working with Them

Learn to Manage the Energy of Your Life – from relationships to work to everything in between, this program gives you the tools to navigate your life from a deeper, conscious, more in control place.

Learn Why Things Happen in Your Life and How to Create Real and Lasting Change.

Create Freedom by learning to validate yourself.

Discover where and how you seek validation and how to stop.

Clear old programming that limits who you can be (programming from this lifetime and past lifetimes.)

Clear pictures that influence how you see yourself and what you allow yourself to have.

Learn to Read Past Lifetimes and Use them to Deepen Your Awareness and Growth (Knowing you were Joan of Arc doesn’t really do anything for you today, but being able to see what you have been working on and how it shows up in your life in present will give you a deeper understanding of your path, your lessons and the healing work you are doing.

and so much more!

What makes this event special...

This program empowers you to step into Conscious Living and Conscious Learning.

It teaches you to explore your Spiritual life lessons and gives you the tools to truly heal, shift and step into something beyond what you know and what you can imagine.

This work is the path to living as Spirit and living in bliss.

About the host

Christine Agro

Christine Agro is a Spiritual Teacher & Clairvoyant who helps people step into empowered living. She has been a channel for Spirit her entire life. For almost 20 years, she has been actively sharing through writing, speaking, and teaching the insight, wisdom, and guidance she receives. Her focus is on helping you understand life’s most pressing questions, Why You Are Here, What You Are Working On, and What Are You Meant To Be Doing. You can get a free PDF copy of Christine’s book 50 Ways to Live Life Consciously by visiting www.50WaystoLiveLifeConsciously.com

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