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Hawaii is Calling.
A cosmically powerful event will occur and this time after the winter solstice (Dec 21, 2019)
will be one for:

• Big Changes
• Celebration
• Awakening of Higher Purpose
• Important Aligned Connections
• and Instant Creations

Are you in absolute alignment to receive it?

This Retreat-Fest is a vortex of new possibilities!

Enjoy The Very Best of:

• Ecstatic Dance
• Deep Meditations
• Transformational Yoga
• Quantum Healing Workshops
• Activating Sound Healing
• Expanding Breathwork
• Hawaiian Hula Classes
• Guided, Sacred Dolphin Swims in the Wild
• and Powerful Liberation Methods that will Revitalize your very Soul and Core

Experienced teachers, World Elders, Wisdom Keepers, Way showers Unite for One Love!

At a Stunning Eco Resort and Mansion that WILL DROP YOUR JAW.

This is a high vibe gathering not to be Missed.

Big Island, Hawaii

Dec 22-28 2019

Find Your Way Here!

What makes this event special...

The Harmonic Convergence Retreat is a special prosperity container that is uniting creative forces for the world. We are gathering this Christmas Week in Hawaii to Co-Create Magic. 40-45 Conscious Influencers, Change Agents, Eco Villagers, Musicians, New Earth Activists, Aware Entrepreneurs, Quantum & Sound Healers, Holistic Health Experts, and Pioneers of a Peaceful Era on Earth! Our gathering is about community, connection, deep healing and the expression of innate wisdom and inner awareness applied to leadership, family life, transitions and businesses. We are finding each other and supporting each other’s dreams in these highly challenging and transformative times. Let’s come together and raise the bar on what we are creating in 2020 and beyond!

About the host

Jamie Lu

    I facilitate the hard work of meeting our greatest fears, hidden limitations & self sabotage. I am a doubt annihilator, a change agent for difficult emotions and unhealed patterns.

    My tremendously successful clients call me “The Liberator”

    It’s amazing how much we cannot see, what we have no idea is there, that is actually getting in our way of massive fulfilment and joy!

    My expanded gifts are clairvoyance and transmitting healing sounds (Language of Light). I use my extensive training in frequency, sound and quantum healing methods to shift my clients in a 8+ year private practice with real results.

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