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The Burning Bowl Ceremony is a traditional Spiritualist practice where slips of paper are burned as part of a ceremony to release energetic ties creating a new space for the coming year and all its infinite possibilities. During this evening’s class, we will discuss the idea of clearing out old energies thus making way for new energies to enter our experiences. You will then write on a piece of paper those things that you are grateful for but are choosing to release back to the universe. We will conduct the complete ceremony including an actual Burning Bowl as a way to close out 2018, clearing a way to an exciting 2019 filled with growth, prosperity, happiness and love’

Please make plans to join this beautiful and healing event.

What makes this event special...

We come together as a community to support one another in releasing the energy drains of 2018 as we prepare to embrace the upcoming year.

About the host

Charles Cox

    Charles Cox is a psychic medium, Spiritualist Minister and teacher. He is founder of The Denver Psychic Development Group which has grown to one of the largest psychic development Meetup groups in the world.

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