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The 6 Step Roadmap To Optimum Wellbeing

Collaroy Swim Club Community Centre

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In this powerful workshop, you’ll learn and explore the six essential evidence-based steps to creating and maintaining a life you love.

Wouldn’t it be nice to say goodbye to stress, overwhelm, and self-doubt and hello to health and happiness in body, mind, spirit, and relationships?

The 6 Step Roadmap To Optimum Wellbeing will give you everything you need to rise, shine, and step boldly into your best life.

You will:

– gain clarity on your life purpose
– deepen self-acceptance
– leverage your natural talent and potential
– grow awareness of inner and outer challenges
– strengthen autonomy
– enhance your sense of connection

Come and enjoy a moment, overlooking the ocean, where you can simply check in with you, how you’re traveling in life, and what you can tweak to live your deepest, highest, most expanded and delectable life.

About the host

Nicole Gruel

    Dr. Nicole Gruel is an Author, Speaker, Mama, Wellbeing Coach, and comes from a long line of samurai. She’s on a mission to support people in creating optimum wellbeing on all levels—body, mind, spirit, relationships, planet—so they can become the agents of awesome they were born to be. Nicole’s books have been featured in leading Australian wellbeing magazines and she’s been published in peer-reviewed academic journals. Her newest book, a finalist in the prestigious INDIES Award, is The Power of NOTEs: How Non-Ordinary Transcendent Experiences Transform The Way We Live, Love, and Lead. Get your FREE copy at: http://www.thepowerofnotesbook.com/

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