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The heavenly bodies are always shining down on us, giving us the energy we need to overcome our fate and reach our potential.

During the Taurus season, from April. 18 – May. 20, we are able to access and cultivate prosperity, endurance, and stability – especially in the area where Taurus rules in your astrological chart.

Taurus is also the month when we are confronted with triangulation, overcoming manipulation and bullies, as well as stubbornness, insatiability, inability to listen, materialism, intolerance, and hedonism. Needless to say, it’s a packed month.

And though you may not be a Taurus, you do have that sign somewhere in your birth chart. Never mind that you have the meridian connected to this sign in your body regardless of what your sun sign is. And because the meridians feed energy to your muscles and organs you wanna make sure they are in pristine health. This means that the sign of each month affects the particular area of our chart – or body – which that sign rules. With the Sunlight Meditation, you bring the Sun’s light into the relevant part of your life to strengthen and heal it, whether it may relate to career, family, creativity, love, or any other of the 12 archetypes represented by the zodiac signs.

What makes this event special...

I designed this ritual to align you with the highest vibration of the month’s archetypal energy as it resides within you and as your vessel allows, so that you may master the challenges of the month with power and confidence.

About the host

Arik Xander

Arik Xander is an internationally renowned teacher, astrologer and healer who uses naturopathy, astrology, tarot, kinesiology & energy medicine, or what he has coined Central Medicine, to help people transcend their fate and fulfill their destiny. He has successfully consulted political leaders, medical doctors, healers, spiritual gurus, influencers, movers and shakers, heads of industry, Hollywood artists, and hundreds of people worldwide in achieving their goals.

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