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The Tarot & Tea Leaf Experience

Appreciation Value: $55

Jenice Eckhart, the hostess with the mostest, will make you feel welcome and appreciated as you relax in our Bohemian Tea Room. Relax and enjoy finger sandwiches, stuffed items, pastries and other delectables served from the buffet as you choose your beverage for readings.

Dawn and Lucinda will provide an authentic reading experience to guests and each individual will receive two interactive readings at this event separately.

Dawn Lane is a gifted Clairvoyant Medium and Intuitive Voice Channel with over three decades of experience. Aside from the tools of the Tarot, she is gifted in energy work, medical intuition and many others.

Lucinda Collis is a gifted ClairEssence Intuitive Voice Channel who is very talented in reading the story of the Tarot and able to shift energies at a moments notice that no longer serves.

Both provide Mediumship, Voice Channel, Intuitive Messaging, Scrying, Telepathy, SensicEnergy and have a depth of knowledge to tap into including the Akashic Records.

About the host

Lucinda Collis

    LUCINDA COLLIS, is a Certified Usui Ryoho & Crystal Reiki MT, Certified Crystal Reader, Gifted Psychic & Energy Healer. Teaches Reiki all levels in two modalities, does mind blowing Tarot Readings, shifts energy through aura/chakra balancing, crystal and art therapy in Mandala meditations. I’m sure you’ve guessed this would be the WooWoo aspect.

    JENICE ECKHART, is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki MT trained in Emotion-Code, NLP and Ho’oponoopono. With use of these modalities and others, she has developed a special practice called EBR (Emotional Baggage Release) with superb results and represents most of our Wellness.

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