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Spiritual Healing Retreat In Sedona (FEB2022)

Bell Rock Vortex

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Many individuals struggle in this world, but know innately there is something they are missing. They can feel the power that lies within them, but are at a loss on how to bring it forth. Our Spiritual Healing Retreat is designed to help you strengthen your connection to your source so that you can awaken that innate ability.

Reserve your retreat at a Sedona Vortex for the month of February 2022. There are still retreat dates available. Come work with Shawngela for 1-day or deepen your experience with a multiple-day package.

This retreat is for individuals or small groups.

*Retreat prices do not include accommodations, but we will happily assist you with recommendations and bookings.


What makes this event special...

We offer many ways for you to build a stronger connection with your Source. You can request specific activities or allow the healing to unfold intuitively.

Spiritual/Energy Healing
Intuitive Healing
Law of Attraction Coaching
Qigong or Yoga Meditation Hike
Automatic Writing
Q/A with IAM – Shawngela’s spiritual guides
Spiritual Guidance Workbook Activities
Psychic Reading

About the host

Shawngela Pierce

Shawngela Pierce is a spiritual healer, podcaster, and author from Sedona with over 13-years of yoga, and meditation practice. Shawngela helps seekers heal by learning to embrace their spiritual power and connect to the Divine. She works intimately with her spiritual guides, whom she affectionately calls IAM. In addition to her podcast, Embrace your Spiritual Power, she is also the owner of Seek Within You, www.seekwithinyou.com, where she offers spiritual retreats, workshops, as well as her signature Spiritual Power Program. Shawngela’s work includes a qigong DVD, a spiritual guidance workbook, and two published books.

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