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“There is a reason why so many people are drawn to the Himalayas… the incredible beauty, the kindness of the people that makes your heart expand and a feeling of peace and freedom that you can only find here. It is something that cannot be explained and can only be experienced. The Himalayas have always been associated with healing, inspiration, spirituality, beauty, and of course, yoga! Since ancient times, yogis have meditated in these mountains to acquire deep insight”. (Marissa Nolan, 2019)

The Himalayan mountains are the home of yoga, and with Marissa you have the opportunity to receive expert, authentic yoga and meditation teaching, along with healing processes. You will also discover Nepal’s history and culture, and the secrets to most stunning and energetically powerful places. All while enjoying the breathtaking mountain views, delicious vegetarian food and comfort of most beautiful boutique accommodation.

Marissa Nolan is a professionally qualified and highly experienced therapist, social worker, lecturer, therapeutic meditation and yoga teacher and researcher. She is also an expert in transformational process therapy, mindfulness, compassion training and therapeutic yoga.

Marissa has lived and worked in the Himalayas for 7 years and has been curating world-class events for 15 years, you are in very safe hands. Marissa creates once-in-a-lifetime luxury, inspirational retreats and experiences, that also raise money to help those in need in Nepal.

In this trip-of-a-lifetime, experience five of the greatest energy centres in Nepal (Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, Boudhanath, Phewa Lake and Muktinath). You will also enjoy expert, transformative yoga and meditation in the most beautiful, luxury, boutique retreat hotels.

10 reasons to book into Marissa’s next Himalayan retreat experience:

1. The Himalayan mountains are the home of yoga
2. Stay in stunning and unique boutique hotels
3. Practice yoga and meditation where yogis have for centuries
4. Be touched by the famous Nepalese hospitality
5. Just by participating you help raise money for local people in need
6. Discover the rich and dynamic culture and history of Nepal
7. Be changed by the incredible high energy that is only found here
8. Experience chakra energy centres and ancient spiritual places
9. Visit the most sacred temples in Nepal
10. Experience the simple and magical way of Nepalese life

What makes this event special...

In Nepal, disadvantaged or traumatised children are vulnerable to abuse, trafficking, labour exploitation, illness, prostitution, addiction and crime.

As a local social worker, Marissa works closely with grassroots organisations, community leaders and local people to identify where our help can be of the greatest benefit, with the most positive and long-term social change.

You will have the chance to learn about the complex social issues of Nepal, its history, its crises and understand the intricacies of social development and knowing how to help effectively. You will also meet the team that work toward greater opportunities for those in need in Nepal.

Yoga and social work are united by the principles of service, humanity, equality, compassion, liberation, openness, understanding and transcending boundaries.

Marissa as a local therapeutic yoga teacher will introduce you to local Nepalese natural therapists and teachers who will share their unique practices and beautiful way of life.

As a therapist and social worker, every retreat and experience Marissa creates is motivated to help others. For this trip, AUD$100 per person will be donated to providing treatment for traumatised children in Nepal. Extra contributions are welcome and members are free to raise additional funds, although there is no obligation.

About the host

Marissa Nolan

Marissa Nolan is a professionally qualified and highly experienced therapist, social worker, lecturer, therapeutic meditation and yoga teacher and researcher. She runs a successful online counselling and supervision practice, provides outreach therapy, academic research and social work throughout Asia and the Himalayas.

Marissa’s aim is to help you find the practices that work and make sense for you. Combining the benefits of neurobiology, psychology, trauma and recovery therapy, therapeutic yoga and Buddhist philosophy.

Marissa combines all her professional skills and local knowledge to create world-class experiences that are deeply rewarding and also beneficial to the communities they visit.

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