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The Live New Moon Meditations are designed to bring awareness about what is going on in the Universe and use it to benefit your life, so that you can gradually stop living in reaction and start creating a proactive life.
During the New Moon Meditation you will get the benefit of being in a space that is blessed with so much love and power from above, so you can relax in a space that is open and ready to help you with all that you need.
In the Meditation you will be guided with the power of sound to heal and to tune into the energies that are ready to be transformed. You will have the opportunity to release all that doesn’t serve you anymore.

What makes this event special...

To prepare for it, I spend several hours during the week prior to the New Moon day to connect with the Moon. With the help of Masters and Angels I come to understand and download the energies present for us in the Cosmo. I take this opportunity as a gift to better understand myself and to improve and evolve on so many different levels.

About the host

Donatella Moltisanti

Raised on the island of Sicily, Donatella grew up surrounded by ancient healing wisdom, which fed her gift as a natural healer. She discovered this gift as a young child, when she was able to eliminate pain in her family members, simply by putting her hands on the places that hurt. Donatella developed the Moltisanti Soul Healing method, a six-step process that helps individuals access their core being, let go of residue from trauma, and express themselves authentically. At the core of this work are the Moltisanti Soul Singing method, and the Moltisanti Conscious Breathing method.

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