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Have you ever felt stymied, or blocked with respect to your professional and personal growth? Have you ever had a beautiful idea or vision for your life, yet you cannot seem to make any headway? If so, it may be that your call to action is to undertake shadow work. If we do not acknowledge, meet and greet or unconscious patterns, we will be stymied every time. Join us, for session three of shadow discoveries, For those who have read, ‘Meeting the Shadow-Finding Your Self,’ (and those who haven’t but are interested in shadow work) I am leading Zoom events to answer questions and support deeper engagement and integration of the Shadow.

Each session will be approximately 45-60 minutes long.
You can register for just one session or a block of three.
Sessions will be recorded if you can not make a live event.
This last, live session is on:
Saturday 23rd January: 1 pm MT/ 3 pm ET
Head to the EVENTS link on: juliehoyle.org to register.

What makes this event special...

Shadow work is integral. If you want to make headway in your personal, professional spiritual life, you must meet and greet your personal shadow. Otherwise, you will be denying huge aspects of yourself that you unconsciously believe are unpalatable.

About the host

Julie Hoyle

Julie Hoyle is a spiritual teacher, artist, and author of four bestselling books about awakening and deepening into the recognition of one’s true nature. Following her own radical awakening more than thirty years ago, Julie has been offering intuitive development and healing modalities via her website: juliehoyle.org. Julie works with creative, healthcare, and educational leaders worldwide and she is a monthly-feature presenter on the Buddhist Biohacker channel on YouTube. Julie is a feature writer for Mind-Body-Spirit platforms and magazines including Tiny Buddha and Mind-Body-Green. You can also find Julie on her YouTube channel and on Instagram @juliehoyleofficial.

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