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The Resonance Of Love – 8 Day Transformation Retreat In Bali

Ubud, Bali

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What makes this event special...

What makes this event so special:

The course provides lasting results that expand over time and integrate gracefully into your life. This retreat is for men and women, individuals and couples whom are ready for their next level. You are looking for real, tangible change and wish to bring your light to every aspect of your life: relationships, intimacy, purposeful career and wellness/health.

The Resonance of Love gives you a chance to experience a greater connection to yourself, to others and to life within united community. Belong to a heart-to-heart tribe that supports and nurtures your spiritual growth and gifts

What keeps blocking you from leading the life you are destined to live? The course reveals a map of common pitfalls of the human condition – and refreshing pathways towards ascending into spiritual freedom, clear awareness and grounded heart connection.

We will speak about the Ascension (spiritual awakening) and how to skilfully navigate it in practical and simple ways. We will participate in deep healing exercises designed to release and renew as well as expand your mind to your unbounded potential. Our intention is that you arrive into experiencing clear insights revealing the true nature about yourself and your relationships throughout our journey together. If you accept, then The Resonance of Love offers you the potential for a transformative experience you will never forget. Be prepared for Miracles and Surprises!

Experience how resonant frequencies can heal the body, heart and mind. Feel lighter, clearer and more uplifted, naturally. Experience the power of Jamie’s soul activating sounds in Bali’s premiere Sound healing Center – The Pyramids of Chi. These Pyramids are built specifically for Sound Healing.

Resonance of Love offers the opportunity to let go of the effort and find the FUN in tapping into your greatest potential.

Delicious, high vibe, vegetarian meals to support
nutrition and detoxing
Luxury Single Private bedroom w/bathroom
Daily Vinyasa Yoga Class
Water Purification at Sacred (and secret!) Waterfall
Sound Healing at the Pyramids of Chi
The Resonance of Love Course
Swimming pool

Spa and Massage
Personal Energy Healing Sessions
Personal Intuitive Reading
Personal Breakthrough Coaching Sessions

About the host

Jamie Lu

Lisa Eckrich, Hypnotherapist and Spiritual Guide, has been teaching Tantric relating for over 20 years and is an advocate for individuals overcoming divorce, helping them move into the sacred partnership of their dreams.

Jamie Lu, Internationally renowned Sound Healer will be our guide as we journey deep in group sound healing practices to restore balance & clear blocks to experiencing the fullness of Love.

Bryan Tilghman, Author of LostLemuria.com, will be our guide on the mountain. He will be joined with his beloved, Fabienne Fooji, to share in their direct experiences of being in a Divine Union together.

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