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Join Reiki Master Teacher Kate Laviolette in a 4 week training to become a Reiki Level 1 Practitioner.

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality that aids in relieving excess stress from the biofield to help individuals heal faster, overcome anxieties and depression, have better outcomes for surgeries, move forward from traumas, and feel more ease in their bodies and lives.

We will meet virtually every Sunday from 1:30-3:30pm via the Zoom platform to go over content and open discussions as a group.

You will have 2 one-on-one sessions with Kate privately for your attunement and to practice facilitating reiki. These can be done online OR in person in the Fort Collins area.

$350pp Digital Manual Included

What makes this event special...

Get detailed instruction and personalized mentoring on your journey to become a reiki practitioner.

Work with Kate to develop your skills and feel supported on your journey to the healing arts or deepening your offerings of the healing arts.

One-on-one sessions can be done in person or online! Join us from the comfort of your home or a safe, comfortable space you’re ready to grow in!

About the host

Kate Laviolette

    Kate Laviolette is an international movement and lifestyle coach positively empowering and impacting her community to understand and find happiness within themselves. Overcoming neurological conditions, chronic pain, and spinal injuries Kate shares her passion for helping others find opportunity and pleasure through coaching, workshops, retreats and Live Beyond Limit.

    Her coaching style and lifestyle has been developed over the past 14 years to create safe and open environments for individuals to tap into and embrace their true nature, a sense of connection, and experience a syncing in mind, body, and spirit to wield transformational results in their lives and communities.

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