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The Power of the Sabrosura retreat, in Havana, Cuba, is an incredible opportunity for female change-makers to step into their full feminine power and learn how to embody their full strength with mesmerizing softness.

Many women struggle with criticizing themselves because they are not where they want to be yet, battling with their self worth and confidence, feeling unsupported and emotionally exhausted.

But those who have taken the leap of faith to study the Wisdom of the Sabrosura have tapped into an innate feminine ancient wisdom.

They’ve learned how to tap into this wisdom, come back home to themselves in a profound way, and live as an embodied presence of their feminine divine, so that they can lead from their highest purpose, impacting so many more lives in a short period of time.

What makes this event special...

> Reprogram your negative self-talk impacting your ability to go after what you truly want
> Rediscover yourself after too long of feeling disconnected or somewhat off
> Increase your emotional resilience, self-confidence & self-worth to new heights
> A place where you will restore clarity of mind and connect deeply with your heart
> Tap into your hidden magical femininity which will draw to you what you desire with ease
> Learn to release emotional blocks & heal past hurt impacting your peak performance
> Meet an extraordinary group of people

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