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​Distant Reiki works just as effectively as in-person. In fact, I highly recommend it to people who are a little skeptical, because it usually turns doubters into believers. Because I am not physically there with you, you will be even more fascinated by how you feel post-session.

This is how I understand it. Distance Reiki works because everything is energy and universal life force energy, light and healing travel great distances. We are all interconnected, as we are all energy matter and part of a larger whole. We can always connect with someone energetically no matter where the person is in the world. Have you ever thought of someone randomly and this person called or texted you out of nowhere? We are always communicating and connecting energetically in one way or another.

Every distant reiki session is held by one of STAY+VIBE’s students who have been Level I & II attuned and certified by me. Each session will be held over the phone and will include a mini oracle card reading at the end.

To claim your free session:
– Go to Instagram and follow both @stayandvibe + @stayandheal
– Follow directions on @stayandvibe’s IG post (posted on the 15th of every month)

Every person who followed directions will be emailed the discount code (varies from month to month) and instructions on how to proceed about a week after the 15th. The first 100 to apply the discount code will be guaranteed a session/spot.

What makes this event special...

100% free + no strings attached.

About the host

Hae Lee

At a young age, Hae realized she had the gift of insight to see patterns in life and ability to naturally pick up on people’s needs. Like many other healers she too resisted her “woo-woo” abilities and her close relationship with the metaphysical world. Not yet understanding these powers, she learned to ignore them until she had to go through a healing journey herself in her early 20’s and became a reiki master. ​Since that time Hae has dedicated her life to being a healer and holding space for people who need more clarity, happiness and awareness in life.

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