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In order to manifest the things you want for yourself and those you love, it is important to let go of things that weigh you down, by freeing yourself from the energetic hold of people or situations that no longer serve you. Join us for this guided relaxation/guided meditation/energy healing event, where you will have an opportunity to release some of the thoughts, feelings, or energies that no longer serve you.

What makes this event special...

Past participants have called these events “extremely relaxing,” “heavenly,” “beautiful,” and “a quintessential healing experience.”

During this one-hour guided group relaxation, guided meditation, and energy healing session, I will lead the group through some breathing and relaxation techniques, followed by a guided meditation or guided visualization. I then offer 30-35 minutes of energy healing.

About the host

Mary Kearns

    Mary Kearns began her yoga and meditation journey at age 11. She practiced many different styles of yoga over the years. Called to be a healer, Mary earned a PhD in Developmental Psychology, focusing on how bio-psycho-social factors influence healthy human development throughout the lifespan. She is a registered yoga teacher, Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, and has studied herbalism, shamanism, Past Life Regression, and more. Mary has been offering wellness workshops, in a variety of settings, on various mind-body-spirit topics since 2003.

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