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Psilocybin ´Magic Truffle´ Retreat With Sound Healing & Yoga In A Luxurious Villa


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Do you long for a deeper contact with yourself? Psychedelics have been used by people for healing and spiritual development for tens of thousands of years. This kind of ‘traveling’ may not be on the bucket list, but it will be the journey of a lifetime. Join inner-journey on a 3 day retreat, where they will give you the key to open the gate to your soul and get in touch with yourself at a deep level. Doors will open to parts of yourself that you normally do not have access to. This process goes without saying and your subconscious knows what is important to you at the moment and which doors can be opened.

You’ll go into depth and investigate how your deepest traumas and injuries have arisen. With the various techniques and therapies that they offer you, you’ll learn how to dismantle these painful layers in a safe way, resulting in healing on a mental, physical and spiritual level. With the right tools and guidance, you are able to heal yourself, to calm your mind and body, making you less susceptible to stress, depression, illnesses and other discomfort. Release yourself from the heavy burden that you have been carrying with you all these years. Discover who you really are! Are you ready to undergo a transformation and wake up your body and soul? Are you ready to go on a trip When you are ready to discover the world of natural psychedelics, the magic truffles are a good choice.

What makes this event special...

Sound healing and guided meditation
2 Moxa therapy sessions (opening of the third eye)
2 Shamanic Rapé snuff sessions and 1 trauma release breath ceremony
2 yoga sessions and 2 Magic Mushroom ceremonies
Core Wound and Sacred Cocoa therapy
Deep emotional support and soul retrieval
Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner
2 nights accommodation

About the host

Sandra Lagerweij


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