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OneHeartOneEarth June Summit, ‘Creating A Sustainable Future.’ June 17th-27th. FREE To Register

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Are you ready to stand in your light?
Are you ready to own your Truth?
Are you ready to deepen into your innate wisdom?
If you are, will you join us?

The One Heart One Earth summit is an amazing resource. There will be a wide range of presentations and classes from experts in their fields speaking about sustainability.

Topics include:
‘Utilizing Your Gifts,’
Where is the Core of Your Being?
Yoga & Renewal
Balcony Gardening
Spiritual Scripting
Essential Sustainability and

Join us, and join the amazing, growing community on BuddhistBiohacker, You Tube.

What makes this event special...

This event is the third summit in the OneHeartOneEarth series. It is completely FREE to register and if you miss the live stream events, you can watch the replays later on YouTube.

The last two events have been phenomenal and this one is already proving to be the same. To date, more than 500+ people have registered.

Join us! Be a part of positive, lasting change and help to uplift and heal humanity. The world needs you! ❤️

About the host

Lisa Gunshore

Lisa Gunshore is a Channel, Functional Ayurveda Coach and Author. She is a natural mystic and has had a deep connection to Spirit since she was a small child. Lisa created the Buddhist Biohacker platform on YouTube in April 2020 and her goal is to create a community of light in order to support and facilitate global awakening and healing.

You can connect with Lisa via her website: lisamgunshore.com

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