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Our most exciting new trip of 2018, this is going to be way more than a yoga retreat. We are working with the best chefs and restaurants in order to create a culinary experience unlike any other. This retreat is for people who, whether they are beginners or experts at yoga, have a deep desire to experience the world through their senses. Oaxaca will stimulate all of your senses and inspire your deepest creative powers. Cooking classes, meals on the chef’s farm, tastings at Oaxaca’s most incredible places.

What makes this event special...

Tasting, Market Tour, & Cooking Class with Rodolfo Castellanos of Origen Restaurant
Tasting & Cooking class on the ranch with Jose Luis of Chilhuaclerojo Restaurant
6 Nights at the Cozy Diablo Y Sandia Guesthouse
Excursion to Monte Alban Ruins
Visit Authentic Mezcal Palenque
Explore local markets in Oaxaca and nearby
Daily Yoga Classes
All Breakfasts and Most Dinners
The Best Food You’ll Ever Eat (we think!)

This yoga retreat in Oaxaca represents the heart of Yogascapes, which is the deep exploration of the senses, a full expression of the heart, a saying yes to the world and all that it offers, using yoga as a tool, teacher, practice and common thread that brings good people together to explore the world. Oaxaca is about discovering and indulging in the flavors of life. It’s about remembering who we are in our bones through sensory pleasures and surrounding ourselves with those that emobody a life of fullness.

On this Oaxaca retreat we’ll stay in a beautiful neighborhood. We’ll be eat at Origen Restaurant and have a market tour and cooking class with the owner and head chef. We’ll have a meal at Chilhuaclerojo Restaurant with Jose Luis and go to his family ranch to have a cooking class and meal on the ranch. We’ll practice yoga daily. We’ll visit a super unique family run Mezcal palenque to learn how to do it the old fashion way and spend time with the owner tasting his amazing mezcals. We’ll visit some of the most beautiful and well preserved Zapotec ruins we’ve ever seen. We’ll also have plenty of free time to explore and discover food, mezcal, ceramics, chocolate, art & more on our own!

About the host


Each Yogascapes retreat is handcrafted from the ground up to offer you a yoga retreat like no other. Our small team of wellness experts combine today’s most vibrant and influencial yoga and wellness teachers with in-tune guides, local culture, incredible food, inspiring adventure and a crew of similar minded fun-loving people from around the world. Best of all, the adventure always goes down at one of our hand picked, off-the-beaten path destinations amidst breathtaking natural beauty.

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