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Witness the dawning of the New Year in a sacred tropical setting with an intimate community of committed seekers. This empowering, inspiring and life-changing retreat will give you the support you need to go deep within, harvesting the lessons of 2017 and bringing it to graceful completion—while launching 2018 with clarity of focus and powerful intention. Together, we’ll identify and clear obstacles that have prevented you from fulfilling your life’s purpose. You’ll learn to:

* Identify and transcend personal obstacles between you and your calling
* Find deeper levels of personal fulfillment and self-satisfaction
* Uncover your true purpose: what you are here to do

Through breathwork, group collaboration, meditation, self-reflection and other means, this program will empower you to gently yet powerfully open to your soul’s message. You’ll have powerful opportunities to go deep within and will be inspired to re-enter the world with intention—as an empowered human being with personal purpose making a real difference.

What makes this event special...

It is a powerful and inspiring way to complete 2017 and launch 2018 with clarity and intention. Held at our beautiful Miami venue, this retreat will open the first evening with a quiet meal, opening ritual and our first Soulful Breathwork session. Successive breathwork sessions will be offered each day; we will greet the New Year together in ritual, and the retreat will close on January 1st by 3PM . The food offered throughout the weekend will be generous, healthy and delicious. Optional massage may be available at additional investment. This retreat is appropriate for all persons regardless of training or background. Price $795 (Nonresidential. Meals included. A few residential spots are available for an additional $200 investment. Please register early and contact us to reserve yours.)

About the host

Christian de la Huerta

Christian de la Huerta has been a writer, speaker, retreat and group facilitator for over 25 years. Author of the award-winning and critically-acclaimed “Coming out Spiritually,” he is currently working on a new book “A Call for Heroes.”

Christian is creator and teacher of several self-development programs focusing on personal growth and awareness, advanced transformational practices, understanding sex and relationships, mechanisms of ego and projection, life purpose, and reclaiming personal power.

Retreats, workshops and other events led by Christian are known for their life-changing experience and for their inspiring and transformative exploration of our inner human potential.

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