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Stay Tethered To The Divine.

This is the first new moon of 2020, let’s make it count as we shift into a greater reality.

Read the forecast: https://www.arikxander.com/blog/2021/new-moon-in-capricorn

What makes this event special...

Every new moon is the optimum time to begin new projects, ventures, relationships, and actions–or to give new energy to something you might already be working on. It is a day when you can receive the wisdom and energy you need to bring your intentions to a beautiful fruition. In Arik’s New Moon Online Workshop, he will provide you with that wisdom and consciousness.

Although every new moon amplifies the power to create a positive outcome from your intentions, each lunar event has a unique planetary configuration and thus unique transformative qualities.

This workshop will optimize the lunar window and is comprised of three parts.

About the host

Arik Xander

Arik Xander is an internationally renowned teacher, astrologer and healer who uses naturopathy, astrology, tarot, kinesiology & energy medicine, or what he has coined Central Medicine, to help people transcend their fate and fulfill their destiny. He has successfully consulted political leaders, medical doctors, healers, spiritual gurus, influencers, movers and shakers, heads of industry, Hollywood artists, and hundreds of people worldwide in achieving their goals.

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