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Mt. Shasta Women’s Spiritual Retreat – Liberating the Goddess

Shasta Flowing Waters Retreat Center

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A Sacred Journey through Medicine Lake and Mt. Shasta. In this 8 day adventure, you will be taken through a life changing experience, designed to cleanse, celebrate and liberate the Goddess within through sacred ritual, authentic sharing, and advanced healing ceremonies from some of the most tapped in and present facilitators on the path of Unity and Love. Be prepared for miracles and surprises!


What makes this event special...

We will spend much of this retreat deeply connecting with one of Gaia’s magical and potent power zones for manifestation: Mt. Shasta. This sacred Mountain is home to the 5th Dimensional civilization of Lemuria. Their energy of heart-centered wisdom, play and gentleness is very much present and felt by many. If you are drawn to the sacred mountain of Shasta, it likely your soul is connected to the Lemurians, whom are working actively to help humanity in it’s ascension and return unconditional love and peace to the planet. On our way to Mt. Shasta, we will first honor the indigenous tradition of purification with a visit to Medicine Lake.

This retreat is for women whom are ready for their next level. She is looking for real, tangible change and wishes to bring her light to every aspect of her life: relationships, intimacy, purposeful career and wellness/health.

You will learn the way of presence and self-mastery within the container of high vibrational support. We offer the opportunity to let go of the effort and find the FUN in awakening to the goodness in your life that is waiting for you to tap into!

About the host

Jamie Lu

    Sound Healer and Mediation Teacher, Jamie Lu, shares the healing vibration of Love and timeless wisdoms of grounded, Human Spirituality. She leads sound healing workshops, mentors individuals on Spiritual Awakening and runs transformative retreats around the world.

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