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Are you new at meditation practice? Or meditation is not your “cup of tea”? Or you are tired of sitting meditation? Or you simply want to deepen your experience? All these answers are the reason to come and join us for this Zen style “in action” –We will learn a kata to develop inner strength, focus, more consciousness and make it flow in the body. A kata is a series of movements and stances brought together like a “grounding dance” to develop skills and reflexes in the art of combat. However, done as a Zen practice, a kata is the best way to develop a flowing consciousness, a solid grounding, fluidity in mind-body, and requires repetition! In fact, practicing kata is often compared to calligraphy in Zen temples. Once you start the movement of the brush, you cannot stop the writing until you reach the end, otherwise, you interrupt the fluidity of the movement/consciousness in the Now. Performing a kata is the same. And the more you practice the kata, the more you reach peacefulness, expansion of the “Self” and become one with the kata itself. Developing your consciousness in the Now brings a new and empowering gaze on yourself and life.

The seminar is open to everyone. No requirements – just a smile and the desire to go beyond the ordinary. Every Tuesday-June 19–August 7. 8 classes are included.

For more info, please contact myoku77@gmail.com

What makes this event special...

Let’s demystify martial arts! Done with a Zen mindset and approach, it opens your mind and raises consciousness in you. Meditation is no longer a new-age hobby, it is a necessity in modern times. Meditation brings many benefits recognized in medicine and neuroscience. But sitting meditation is not for everyone. So, let’s bring the breath, the grounding and the focus on empty mind to take you to a place of peacefulness.

About the host

Viviane Casimir

Viviane is the founder and coach of Myoku, a Zen martial arts alignment of mind-body to develop consciousness and empowerment for personal and spiritual development. Viviane has a multidisciplinary background (biology and Literature), and a multicultural exposure as well. She has given workshops in Quebec, USA, France, and Norway. Viviane always encourages people to question what they take for granted. Knowing oneself starts with shaking up one’s ground. In that sense, concepts and principles of Zen and quantum physics have become Viviane’s pillars in everything she does from writing to training. Viviane has published several articles and inspirational short novels.

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