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Every month we gather to uplift, inspire, and cultivate a unificed voice. Kirtan, devotional chanting, cleanses the heart, mind, and body of pain and suffering. Like a waterfall it washes away debris that obstructs vitality and love. It fixes the mind on the positive and joyful. Group chanting is a powerful experience for connection that creates lightness and peace within.

What makes this event special...

Music heals. When we come together and join our body’s, our breath, and our voices there is an amplification both inward and out. It’s medicine for the soul. I hold space that is grounding, uplifting, a little bit rock, a little bit roll and all heart.

About the host

Robin Duryea

    I have been practing Yoga for 20+ years and absolutely love sharing the gifts of this practice. Chanting has changed my life offering me calm in midst of stress, release from anxiety and depression, and access to an inner peace brought on by the medicine of music. Join me for an uplifting, exciting, and fun eveing of Kirtan!

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