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January First Full Moon In Leo: Spiritual Laws VS. New Age Fantasy

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When spiritual laws are broken, chaos ensues. This Full Moon will allow us all to bring order where there is chaos, and reestablish the Divine Nation.

Now is the time we learn the difference between cosmic laws and new-age fantasies.

This is the first full moon of 2020, let’s make it count!

What makes this event special...

This workshop will optimize the 48-hour lunar window (without lunar windows, we only operate in spiritual fantasy):

1. Teaching
Arik will talk about the collective cosmic signatures we should be aware of using astrology, the Tarot, channeling, and current events. To find out where this Full Moon falls in your own birth chart, be sure to submit your birth data so Arik can let you know.

2. Workshop
Get in touch with your desires and become aware of what is holding you back. Balance left and right brain energy to ignite creativity. Align your desires with the cosmic schedule. Align with the proper attitude to retain during the remainder of the lunar cycle. Acquire the ability to protect your New Moon seeds from negativity.

3. Guided Meditations
In the guided meditation that harnesses the power of the Full Moon. You will access a quantum level where you are able to melt down obstacles standing in the way of your goals and recycle them into something useful. Send the cleansing and transformative energy of the Full Moon into the relevant house of your birth chart where the lunation is occurring.

Be sure to have a pen and paper handy during the workshop in case you want to jot down notes from the teachings. Even if you have our Moon Meditation Workbook, you might also want extra space to write down your meditation experiences.

About the host

Arik Xander

Arik Xander is an internationally renowned teacher, astrologer and healer who uses naturopathy, astrology, tarot, kinesiology & energy medicine, or what he has coined Central Medicine, to help people transcend their fate and fulfill their destiny. He has successfully consulted political leaders, medical doctors, healers, spiritual gurus, influencers, movers and shakers, heads of industry, Hollywood artists, and hundreds of people worldwide in achieving their goals.

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