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Whether you are new to energy work or a long-time practitioner, this class will teach you how to work with your energy & intuitive wisdom for personal and spiritual growth.

As an intuitive energy healer with over 30+ year’s of experience, I’ve developed a uniquely creative energy healing process that gives me a way to recognize energy, understand what I need from it, and work with my intuitive wisdom to transform what is a block, into movement.

This process I’m teaching you in this 5-week online course is a way for you to do that too.

What makes this event special...

This class is about teaching you how to work with energy, relate to it in a way where you get insight and answers… where you learn how you naturally can read the energy to move through what holds you back. There are a lot of energy healing trainings out there that help you to feel energy; this is about reading it and using that information to transform your life.

About the host

Stacy Vajta

Stacy Vajta is a transformational energy coach and intuitive healer. With over 30+ years of experience working with energy as a tool for personal and spiritual growth, she’s developed a grounded and focused approach to you getting the intuitive, energetic information you need to move your life forward.

To learn more about the unique process she works with, visit her website.

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