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Join us as Buddhist Reverend Sam Annavianna reviews the First Five Mindfulness of Buddha – in an introduction to Buddhism Series.

Sam is a Reverend of the Rissho kosei-kai International of North America Society. He has studied Buddhism for over 14 years both in the United States, Korea. We are grateful that he will be taking his time to share his knowledge with this material.

Materials to be read and reviewed prior to joining: https://plumvillage.org/mindfulness-practice/the-14-mindfulness-trainings/

What makes this event special...

This is a non-judgmental zone where you can come and ask your questions as it relates to Buddhism in a welcoming space and learn what it means to become a part of the Sangha.

About the host

Brandon Handley

Brandon is a podcaster & spiritual life coach. After going through an awakening experience while being coached himself, he made the decision to dig deep into the experience. Through research of a the vast information super highway, books, videos, seminars and more he made the decision to intentionally lead life with spirituality. You can find out more by checking out his website or podcast today.

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