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This interactive exhibition is to familiarize people with Myoku which is a Zen martial art alignment of the mind-body. Unique Exhibition ! The metaphor of Zen stones is a perfect way & opportunity to immerse yourself in it. The exhibition allows you to experience Zen (i) visually with pictures of Zen stones and their concepts, (ii) actively with piling up yourself the stones with guidelines on the breath, (iii) actively by practicing 3 techniques for meditating (warrior, zazen & dozen), and (iv) listening to a Zen story while drinking tea. You can even buy your Zen stones stack and gift certificates for Myoku classes. Perfect time for Christmas gifts!





2151 Boulevard Lapinière
Brossard, Quebec J4W 2T5 Canada


1 Day(s)


Decathlon Brossard


Reg. $5






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What makes this event special...

This is a unique Exhibition that brings together martial arts and Zen. Interactive Exhibition that makes you enter a journey in 4 stations of activities. A perfect occasion to demystify Zen and martial arts and show / experience the beauty of being in it. Open to everyone and kids ! In partnership with Decathlon, sport clothing store with a new concept of “sport & consciousness.”
Only 3 more Thursdays : Nov 28, Dec. 5 & 12

About the host

Viviane Casimir

Viviane is the founder and coach of Myoku, a Zen martial arts alignment of mind-body to develop consciousness and empowerment for personal and spiritual development. Viviane has a multidisciplinary background (biology and Literature), and a multicultural exposure as well. She has given workshops in Quebec, USA, France, and Norway. Viviane always encourages people to question what they take for granted. Knowing oneself starts with shaking up one’s ground. In that sense, concepts and principles of Zen and quantum physics have become Viviane’s pillars in everything she does from writing to training. Viviane has published several articles and inspirational short novels.

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