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Over 21 days, we’ll explore teaching as an emanation of your own practice, perched on the cliff’s of Big Sur’s Esalen Institute.

This training is designed for teachers certified at the 200-hour level (or beyond), who are seeking a sustainable way to be a student and teacher of yoga and for experienced students who want to explore more deeply the integration of yoga in all aspects of everyday life.

The training will begin with Janet’s virtual course on the 8 Limbs of Yoga in advance of the in-person training. The virtual course will run from late January through April and includes a 1-3 hours of material each week. This immersion into the 8 limbs will provide a shared experience and point of reference for all participants, allowing us to make the most of our time together. At this stage, attendees will be asked to complete 5 of the 12 weeks of the virtual course before attending.

What makes this event special...

The training will be divided into three sections.

We’ll clarify our intentions, so that they can guide us on this yogic path, and explore kriya yoga (the yoga of action) as a way to carry those intentions into life and teaching. This section will be a chance to remember why you teach and to explore your core values and wisdom.
Explore your own path (Svadharma)
Dive into the four parts of Svadharma: artha, dharma, kama, moksha
Articulate what it means to teach from your intention
Discover teaching as an expression of practice and an expression of Kriya yoga (the yoga of action)

We’ll explore core principles to help align your yoga practice and your life, so that what you offer in class emerges from how you move through the world. This section will explore the yamas and the niyamas (the first two limbs of yoga; or the ethical guidelines of yoga); and we’ll explore the 5 Elements as a bridge between our experience of our bodies and of the world. We’ll also dive into alignment as a principle to guide our lives as well as our asana and how we teach.
Study the yamas (ahimsa, satya, asteya, brahmacharya, aparigraha) as ethical principles to guide your interactions in the world and what this means for how you teach
Consider the niyamas (saucha, santosha, tapas, svadhyaya, ishvara pranidhana) as ethical guides for your relationship with yourself
Investigate the five vayus (directions of energy) as a source to find our own alignment from a deeply sourced place; to share that, then, with great integrity in classes
Work with the five elements as the foundation from which ethics, alignment, and the yoga of everyday life find expression.

We’ll explore mantra, deities, and stories as sources for class themes. We’ll also explore intuitive approaches to sequencing, that help you go from script to a more spontaneous, playful approach.
Explore mantra, deities and story to develop a class theme
Explore sequencing as an intuitive practice. Build sequences that tell a story, going from script to improvisation.
In the last few days, we’ll bring it full circle, to revisit svadharma: your unique path or purpose in the context of the full path of teaching.
There will be about 2 months of follow-up homework, including daily sadhana (practice), opportunities to apply your training to your teaching, and a seva (service) project.

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