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The special 2.5 workshop on Winter Care & Wellness will allow you to understand our body system’s interrelation with nature, how understanding nature helps us to know and understand our body systems; how we can make fun and easy drinks and food that heals and rejuvenates as well as immunizes your body against harmful pathogens and cold viruses.

It will be fun, interactive, learning workshop based on a casual home based apothecary! Plant enthusiasts, organic food lovers, holistic lifestyle seekers, alternative wellness seekers, herbalists, herbal medicine enthusiasts are all welcome!!!

What makes this event special...

There will be learning about nature and our body system’s cycle, how they work and correlate with each other, Immunity booster herbs, herbs that protects against cold and flu, loads of winter care recipes, learning to make special Cold & Flu relief Drops and herbal bath as added holiday special!

About the host

Sej Gurung

Herbalist, Reiki Practitioner, Yogini, Writer & nature lover

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