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If you FEEL that the moment has arrived…

…to release the constant pain that you carry as a victim of abuse, then I am here for you!

There’s something about the experience of abuse that keeps you trapped into very tight walls of fear, rage, and powerlessness. It’s a place mixed with the parts of your lost self and the energy of the abuser.

Are you ready to understand what is happening to you and heal it for good?

If so, I invite you to bring your story (current or past) and your pain to a Retreat with me, that is dedicated just to you and people like you, in the ancient land of Sicily,.

Here you will find that you can unleash your true self, reconnect to your creativity, ignite your mojo, and get your BEST SELF back! …..click for more

Yes! Not long therapies, not mental victimhood, not ideas on how to heal……just hands-on, walk-away-with a renewed inner platform where the old is healed and the release is for good!!!


Trust that people like you can go back to live as if the bully, the abuser, or the mocker tyrant was never in your life.

Imagine yourself free from the experiences that chain you on an endless surviving list of compensatory behaviors, and the constant need to pacify yourself with food, alcohol or codependent relationships.

Is it possible to Let Go for good?


In this retreat, you’ll finally get the time, space and all the help you need to create YOUR life, to get back to your path… the one that your Soul wants you to walk in!

That means:

NO MORE feeling stuck in constant fear
NO MORE lonely secrets
NO MORE feeling an outsider
NO MORE feeling shame
NO MORE blaming yourself

This is YOUR opportunity to work on an energetical level to discover how your experience has affected your personality and your view of LIFE!

Every day of the retreat is dedicated to addressing your EXACT areas of pain, and help you identify blind spots of your story, solve challenges, allow space for you to process it all in a completely new way and give you back to your true SELF…. and much, much more.

What makes this event special...

We will be going to the beach every day to connect with the cleansing energy of the Mediterranean Sea and be kissed by the rays of the first morning sun.

In the exotic sights, sounds, and sensations of this breathtaking untouched beaches you will practice the Moltisanti Conscious Breathing method, to relax your nervous system and to learn how to activate the body natural healing capabilities.

Thanks to our private chefs’ Alda and Franz wonderful home-made meals, you’ll experience delicious Mediterranean dishes that will wake up all your senses.

You’ll be dancing your pain away (yes, we’ll be dancing to move energy!)

You will experience the energetic power of meditating under trees that are hundreds of years old!

You will spend a relaxing time at the pool at Villa Magda.

The amazing, irresistible energy of Sicily and the healing experience will capture your heart, delight your soul, and leave its stamp on your being, long after you leave… guaranteed!!

AND you’ll be in the company of a select handful of the most motivated and spiritual-driven people you could wish to meet…

About the host

Donatella Moltisanti

A naturally-gifted healer with a music conservatory degree in opera performance and teaching, Donatella is the founder of the Moltisanti Soul Healing method, a six-step process that helps individuals access their core being, let go of residue from trauma, and express themselves authentically. Through her wellness company, VitalitySoul, Donatella teaches the Moltisanti Soul Healing Method and offers group programs, international retreats, and private sessions. She has worked with A-list celebrities, Fortune 50 executives, elite athletes, and everyday people – bringing her innovative work to those in need worldwide, on a mission to help heal humanity, one soul at a time.

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