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Giving Courage To Love Online Summit 2020 “Going Beyond With Love: Being True You” will feature Dr. Jean Marie Farish and 8 Speakers on topics that will transform your life.
Register Now! Webinar July 7th to 9th

What makes this event special...

Giving Courage to Love Online Summit 2020 will Feature Dr. Jean Marie Farish on “Self-Love and Worthiness”. Dr. Farish will provide resources for listeners to inspire self-love and wholehearted connections through worthiness.

About the host

Karamjeet Kaur

Karamjeet Kaur -Self Love Training Academy, Host who hails from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Academy Self Love (Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Global Homeopathic Centre Sdn Bhd), This summit is Inspirational and Empowering with 9 Speakers who will show you how nothing is impossible with love.

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