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Frankly, emotional intelligence is the most important skill no one ever taught us. Until now.

Frankly 101 is a six week, blended learning program that builds emotional genii. In this workshop you’ll learn to effectively work with your emotions and the emotions of others, develop increased self awareness, and practice top-notch interpersonal skills.

Do you feel? Do you work with, live with, or love people? Are you ready to become an emotional genius who climbs in your career and has great relationships at home?

Awesome. This workshop is for you.


Time: 6:30-8:30pm

Dates: Tuesday 11/5, 11/12, 11/17, BREAK (whew!), 12/3, 12/10, 12/17

Location: The Impact Hub, 220 2nd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104

Cost: $300-600 sliding scale

*Inclusion matters and financial access is real. No one will be turned away for lack of funds, please contact us if cost is a barrier.*

The program includes:

Two, 30 minute, one-on-one coaching calls

Six, two hour, in-person workshops

One physical workbook

One online folder full of amazing curated content

The opportunity to pair with a buddy for home practice

You will learn:

Imagine a nerdy neuroscientist, ancient sage, and seasoned diplomat in your living room giving you the key to their magic. You just got your first taste of Frankly 101.

In this series we blend the neuroscience of emotion, experiential learning, and practical social/emotional skills to give you a learning experience that sticks. You’ll learn to work with your emotions, not against them, so you can show up how you want to in the moments that matter.

Series Outline:

Session 1: Anatomy of Emotion – Learn what emotions are, why you have them, and how they function in your body.

Session 2: Look at Yourself – Learn how your personality is developed, why you behave in certain ways, and build self awareness.

Session 3: Emotions as Information – Learn to listen to emotions as data that can inform effective strategies to take care of yourself and others.

Session 4: How to Express Emotion – Learn effective ways to share how you feel and listen to other people.

Session 5: Ask for What You Want – Learn to identify and ask for what you need in ways that respect yourself and others.

Session 6: Give Feedback and Appreciation – Learn to share feedback effectively and give appreciation to people who support you.

Learning Goals:

Increase self awareness

Build skills to regulate emotion

Build research-based, conceptual framework of emotion

Identify emotions and needs

Identify successful strategies to meet needs

Build skills to express emotions

Build listening skills

Learn to make effective requests

Learn to give effective feedback

Learn to give effective appreciation

Warning! We know that you learn by doing, so there are zero hour-long lectures in this series. You’ll leave each session full from thinking, practicing, and experiencing new skills.

Who is this training for?

This training is for you. You are a parent, a lover, a friend. A a team member, a people manager, a leader. You want to make the most of your relationships because you know they are the key to an amazing life, successful career, and thriving world.


Q: What if I miss a workshop?

A: This program was designed with busy people in mind. While attending as many sessions as possible is ideal, life happens. We’ve designed the series to offer great learning even if you miss a session or two.

Q: Can you explain the sliding scale pricing?

A: Seattle is full of all sorts of people with all sorts of incomes. We want this course to be as accessible as possible, and want to give you a chance to help. Are you financially secure? Flush, even? Pay more to support a new friend. Is your budge tight? Give us the chance to support you.

Q: What’s up with this “coaching” thing?

A: Coaching is an awesome way to identify your personal learning goals, so you can get the most out of group workshops and online content. It also helps you get to know your facilitator before even setting foot in a workshop. That way, we can dive into content right away.

Have questions? We got you. Contact us at hi@franklyeq.com

What makes this event special...

This is a blended learning program. That means it includes different learning methods to support a variety of learners and information.

You’ll get access to: one-on-one coaching, experiential group workshops, option to work out of class with a buddy, curated online content, and a physical workbook with individual and buddy practice exercises.

Let’s walk through what that looks like:

Within 48 hours of registering, you’ll get an email with detailed logistics, a survey to fill out if you want to opt into buddy practice, and a link to schedule your one-on-one coaching call. Then, during the two weeks before the first workshop, you’ll have your one-on-one coaching call to define your learning goals and get know your facilitator.

On November 5th, you’ll start live workshops (!!!), get you printed workbook, meet your buddy, and get access to the online content. From there, you’ll meet with the group for six, two hour, in-person workshops on Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30pm. The first three workshops are focused on internal emotional skills. Then we get a break week to take a deep breath and accomodate Thanksgiving. Then we’ll come back for our final three workshops focused on interpersonal skills.

Finally, you’ll close with an exit one-on-one coaching call to reflect on what you learned and how you’ll apply it going forward.

And that, good friends, is Frankly 101.

About the host

Mieka Briejer

Meet Mieka, a social business pioneer turned somatic coach and educator. After 10 years leading social and economic justice initiatives, she pivoted to neuropsychology with the hunch that to change our systems we need to look at ourselves. Today she is earning her MS in Applied Neuroscience and teaching people to be emotional virtuosos in Seattle, WA.

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