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Come join us for 7 days, 6 nights of a deep immersion into self-healing techniques. We will stay in a beautiful, modern, luxurious villa with a view of the Red Sea, in a small town that was carved out of the desert and the sea.

We will practice Kundalini yoga sadhana daily to start our day with a positive mindset and raise our energy. We will have a class of self-healing techniques (a Reiki 1 course over three days and an EFT Workshop over two days.) Finally, a beautiful 2 hours evening kundalini yoga class and meditations, with different themes like self-love, stress management, relaxation, better sleep, to help unwind and finish of the day. You will have 3 hours of free time every afternoon to explore the town and its numerous beaches or just enjoy the heated pool at the villa. We will have delicious nutritious vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner and healthy snacks in between.





Villa 24, White Villas, Phase II, El Gouna
Hughada, Red Sea 84513 Egypt


18186 Day(s)


El Gouna, Hurghada, Red Sea


Reg. $1,220







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What makes this event special...

The Red Sea is and has been a healing place since the times of the Ancient Egyptians. It’s year-long warm waters are extremely Saline which makes it high in minerals. It is amazing for your skin, circulation, hair, bones and more. The Sea that saved Moses from the Pharaoh and aloud a rebirth for an entire nation. The Sea that connects East with West and allowed the travel of Easter Culture to the West and vice versa for centuries.

What better place to come and experience your own rebirth. Your own exchange of culture and learning?

If your mind is always on and preventing you from living your life to the fullest, or having a decent rest. If you are facing any blocks emotionally with your loved ones, or in your pursuit of your passion or your career. If you are always planning to do things but find that excuses or a low self-esteem are often in your way. If the stress of life or your responsibilities are giving you headaches or backaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, joint pain or manifesting in any other physical symptoms that your doctors don’t know how to help you with. Or you are just frustrated from living on pain killers or medications that just deal with symptoms and not the core issues causing your sickness. Then you need to come dive with us into self-healing techniques and learning tools to help yourself out of the cycle of self sabotage, and start the process of living a healthier more fulfilling life that is naturally healing.

We will stay in a villa, that has a limited amount of rooms so we can have an intimate environment like a home with benefits. We are going to get to know each other over the course of the 7 days and support each other like a family. We will have the opportunity to have talks about Vegetarian Middle Easter and Eastern nutrition. With a One on One private session with our Nutritionist who will personally cook all our meals. She will then help you come up with a plan that suits your individuality and that you can sustain in your daily life back at home.

We will start our early mornings with Kundalini Yoga Sadhana, singing mantra, meditating and exercising to get the energy moving in our bodies and prepare for the self healing experience and teachings during the day.

After breakfasts we start with a Reiki 1 class over the course of 3 days. That is the art of hands-on energy healing. We all have the ability to channel the power of the universe into our own healing. We will learn how to use our hands to remove our pain, then release that unwanted energy into the water.
Then, the last 2 mornings, we will tread into the world of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which is a tool used by healers, and therapists to unlock mental and emotional blocks from the past, or childhood. Then we present positive affirmations with self acupressure tapping. This helps you step into the reality that you want to be in, without the ties of the past.

We will also end the days with a relaxing evening kundalini yoga class to help us process and internalize what we learned throughout the day. We will practice to quiet the mind, unwind and get ready for a restful night’s sleep.

What you will do and learn in this retreat:
*Practice yoga to connect with yourself, with the life around you and unlock your full creative potential.
*Swim and connect with the Infinite Source of Power in the waters of the Red Sea.
*Learn and get certified in Reiki I, in order to be your own alternative doctor.
*Learn about the techniques of EFT and be your own therapist.
*Eat nutritious healthy food and meet one on one with our nutritionist, who will come up with a tailored nutrition plan for your lifestyle and your individual needs at home.
*Enjoy a marvelous view during classes practice and from most of the Villa bedrooms.
*Swim any time day or night, in the Sea, in the Lagoon or in the heated pool.
*Meet and enjoy the company of beautiful like-minded people and make lasting friendships.
*Experience the warmth of Egyptian hospitality that is known around the world.
*Most importantly, learn to trust yourself, that you are worth it, you are enough, and you can love, help, heal and sustain yourself through all of life’s challenges.

All Levels of practitioners may apply, we can and will all learn from each other no matter what background we come from and what our experience.

Starting price is 1100 Euros up to 1650 Euros depending on Room type

About the host

Lamiaa Mahmoud

Self-Healing has been my passion for years! I teach kundalini yoga in Switzerland and Egypt. I lived in Egypt, Canada and Switzerland and come from a business family background. I understand the power of ethics and self love, combined can make you a superstar. I am currently working with post trauma yoga and am part of an organization that is aiming to make yoga accessible to all, starting with fugitive ladies in Luzern. I am also a certified teenage yoga teacher. I speak English, French, German and Arabic. I plan retreats, seminars and work shops about holistic wellbeing.

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