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Learn in this workshop how to move, think, and walk in the consciousness of the Now. Redefine your connection with yourself, your environment and the universe. In the first part of the workshop, you practice 6 basic movements of Qi Gong to awaken the fluidity in you; and in the second part, you ground yourself in that fluidity with 4 karate stances put together in a specific combination. Open to everyone with an interest in mind-body training and to those who want to deepen their journey into the Now. A wonderful way to demystify martial arts and explore its Zen aspect with a Buddha smile ! Join us this fall ! Thursdays : 8 classes / 1h 1/2 each class from Sept-6 to Oct. 25. To register, contact myoku77@gmail.com AND go to Facebook – Myoku for more info and workshops this Fall 2018.

What makes this event special...

Myoku is a unique Zen training of mind and body through martial arts. Meditation is no longer a hobby but a necessity in our modern life as we need to develop a solid grounding and centeredness. Myoku offers a dynamic way to practice meditation by training both the mind and the body in order to raise the vibration in you and to bring more consciousness in your daily life. We practice sitting, standing and moving meditation. And you develop at your own pace.

About the host

Viviane Casimir

Viviane is the founder and coach of Myoku, a Zen martial arts alignment of mind-body to develop consciousness and empowerment for personal and spiritual development. Viviane has a multidisciplinary background (biology and Literature), and a multicultural exposure as well. She has given workshops in Quebec, USA, France, and Norway. Viviane always encourages people to question what they take for granted. Knowing oneself starts with shaking up one’s ground. In that sense, concepts and principles of Zen and quantum physics have become Viviane’s pillars in everything she does from writing to training. Viviane has published several articles and inspirational short novels.

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