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Are you feeling the powerful energy of Eclipse Season and Mercury Retrograde? Have NO FEAR Meditations with a Goal are here. Over the next several weeks let’s get you to refocus, reshape, reorient and realign with all that is unboxing and braking open.

Change is a constant in life. It can be scary, overwhelming and disorienting. It can also be a time of liberation when we learn how to work with it.

Whether you are going through a big change or simply wanting to learn the skills to enhance your life, these weekly Meditations with a Goal are for you.

What you can expect from Weekly Meditations with a Goal:

*7 sessions in a small group environment in the park (each session is 60 minutes)
*A combination of effective tools, discussion and meditation with a goal
*Challenges designed to support and enhance your growth
*An Mp3 recording of each session so you can refer back to the material and/or in case you can’t make a session
*Bonus Meditations with a Goal recordings to keep you in alignment beyond Mercury Retrograde

Save money and purchase all sessions for just $97!

What makes this event special...

Nothing is as powerful as group intention and collective focus. When we join together in a group, no matter the size, we create a field of energy that is profoundly powerful. Insights come from listening to others share their stories, challenges and joys they are experiencing. This can create massive shifts in us.

In this 7-week Group Meditation with a Goal we will unpack the struggles, shift into alignment and focus on connecting to your Higher Self, the best version of you!

Come and meet a community of women learning, growing and supporting each other through this thing called life.

About the host

Danie Muniz

    Danie Muniz is a certified Hypnotherapist who uses Astrology and Hypnosis. For the past decade she has worked with individuals, helping them increase peace and tame their inner critic by discovering who they are, knowing themselves at a soul level and aligning to manifest their dreams.

    With a degree in Psychology and Metaphysical Science, Certified Hypnotherapist and Mindfulness Practitioner, Danie brings a holistic perspective to her work, underpinned by a strong sense of purpose. She feels compelled to help everyone she meets understand themselves at a deep level so that they can be in control of their life.

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