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Join Firefly’s Fall Yoga Workshop Series, with three unique 75-minute workshops held on Tuesdays via Zoom. Give your body some love with Firefly’s virtual Yin Yoga and Myofascial Release and Realign to Re-Energize workshops. One of Firefly’s most popular workshops returns with Self Awakening Yoga and Journaling to help you cope with the challenges of this year. Register for one for $25, or all three for $60.

What makes this event special...

In the Yin Yoga and Myofascial Release workshop on October 26, our primary focus will be to increase circulation, improve flexibility, release fascia and improve joint mobility. As we move through yin postures, I’ll direct you in the use of tools for deeper myofascial release. You may be wondering, “what is myofascial release?” It’s an effective technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into restricted connective tissue to relieve pain and restore motion.

The next workshop, Realign to Re-Energize, on November 16 will include multiple yoga formats focused on bringing the body back into proper alignment. Forward head posture and low-back pain are two of the most common challenges of today’s professional from working on a computer, texting, sitting and driving. Leave with more energy, and alleviated neck, shoulder and back pain.

Finally, the Self-Awakening Yoga (SAY) and Journaling workshop on December 7 will help you to cope with the challenges you’ve been facing. I’ll guide you through a SAY practice to connect with your body, followed by meditation and journaling to reflect on 2021. SAY is an inquiry-based style of yoga, suitable for all levels, intended to get you more in tune with your body. We’ll practice letting go, and then opening the heart to enable you to move forward liberated to let your light shine. We’ll join in mediation and journaling to reflect on learnings from the past twelve months, and to outline what you want to invite in next.

About the host

Carrie Lehtonen

My second chance at life came at 31 years old when a blood clot in my coronary artery resulted in a heart attack.

I chose to pursue a second career in health and wellness to help people find their path to better health. I’m a Registered Yoga Teacher and certified Holistic Health Practitioner by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

I started Firefly Community because I believe that what the world needs most is for each person to uncover his/her passion and live an inspired life.

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