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This is an invitation to delve a little deeper into what may be energetically, emotionally, spiritually, physically present for you at this moment.

Shara Ogin, Intuitive Healer will answer individual questions (from a psychic + coaching perspective) and provide individual + group healing. Shara will be offering these healing groups every Wed 4-5pm PST.

Structure of the Wednesday zoom call:
4:-4:10 PST – Introductions
4:10-4:20 – Channeled meditation
4:20-4:45 – Shara will spend approximately 5 minutes per person so please have your question or issues ready! (I’ll get to as many people as I can).
4:45-4:50 – Closure
4:50-5pm – Next Steps

These are also called Synchronicity Circles as you may be amazed by some of the similarities you will have with others in the group.

What this means is that as Shara provides healing and information for one person, most likely the information will pertain to you as well! So my intention is for everyone to receive healing throughout the call!

*Gain the information and healing you are needing at this time.

What makes this event special...

Shara has a unique ability to read each person one by one and get the essential information that is needed at this current time. She can see into one’s subconscious and does an amazing job at putting a positive twist on all that she sees.

About the host

shara ogin

Shara is an Intuitive Coach combining the magic of her clairvoyance (seeing into the subconscious), with her personal coaching.

Shara is passionate about helping women to remove those invisible blocks and barriers that stand in the way of them finding the love, the job they’re passionate about, and the happiness they so deserve.

She just published a book + workbook titled, Unlocking the Body’s Wisdom; Accessing Your Healing Powers from Within, where she outlines 140 diseases and illnesses, the root cause, and strategies for holistic healing. Shara currently works with clients 1:1, leads group coaching and intuitive training programs.

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